We've been driving by that "crazy looking building" for months, and now, we're getting really close to the opening of JUMP in Downtown Boise, and it's going to be amazing.

I was really excited to have the chance to take a look inside the amazing angles and check out the incredible views and resources that are coming to our community.

JUMP (which stands for Jack's Urban Meeting Place) is a gift to our city from the family and companies as well as vision of J.R. Simplot.  It's been built on the campus of the new Simplot World Headquarters, and features a ton of amazing spaces, technology, and opportunities to meet up with others, learn, and connect.

There are studios, each featuring a direction for growth and learning like Share (that centers on food), Play (with multimedia), Inspire (thought and gatherings), Make (woodworking and building), Move (dance and athletic activity), as well as some larger meeting spaces, an outdoor cooking and eating area, a Garden Terrace, playground, two slides (one that starts 5 stories up), and additional gathering spaces.

The technology is advanced, the views are spectacular, and the campus is open and whimsical.  It's an inspiring place for sure, and one of the most distinct characteristics is a collection of antique and historic tractors (about 50) that J.R. Simplot had purchased.

JUMP will be one of those things we can be proud to call a part of our community, and truly a place that will make Boise and the Treasure Valley better.  It's really an amazing addition to our city.

For more about JUMP, to find classes, or see the schedule, visit JUMPBoise.org.