It's really amazing how quickly crews in Nampa were able to fix a stretch of road in the area of Idaho Center Boulevard and I-84 after a sinkhole shut down the road on Friday.

And they do know what caused the sinkhole.

After the sinkhole opened up on Friday, Nampa PD tweeted that traffic couldn't access I-84 southbound from Franklin on Idaho Center Blvd., and Idaho Center was shut down just north of I-84.  A water main break caused the sinkhole to open up on Garrity, and the city of Nampa had to let loose some emergency funds shortly after that, to get the repairs started quickly.

As a driver, it's always frustrating to come up to a road that's closed especially when you aren't sure exactly what happened.  But Nampa was on it, and to have a big road problem like that fixed in two days is pretty remarkable.

KTVB said about 85 loads of asphalt were removed over a 600-foot area, and about 90 truckloads of asphalt - 9 inches deep - were laid.  I didn't pick up 85 loads of anything over the weekend, did you?  That's a lot of work and those guys nailed it.

The underpass opened once the Idaho Transportation Department gave final approval, and traffic started making it through again.

That's our cue to appreciate the Treasure Valley roads that are sinkhole free, and give some love to those hard workers in Nampa next time you see them.

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