Jobs, jobs and so many jobs available. The only problem is having someone to fill those positions considering nobody is applying.

There are some people continuing to receive post-pandemic because of the additional funds received on unemployment. Well, the free ride ends Monday in Idaho.

Jeremy Zero/Unsplash
Jeremy Zero/Unsplash

What to Do with My Last $300 Check

1. Purchase some nice clothes to wear for your interview - This is the time to shine as future employers are frustrated with the lack of interest to work. I've spoken to these businesses and they don't understand why people aren't lined up for a $15 per hour job. Now is a great time to rise up for the occasion.

2. Purchase a Southwest Airlines 50% ticket - Southwest is running crazy half-off deals right now and this might be your last Government-funded extended vacation. Take advantage. There are 5 tickets left from Boise to Hawaii for $288 -  Aloha!

3. Stay at the Big Idaho Potato Hotel - Who doesn't want to sleep in a high-class potato? This has it all and you can book one night with $100 leftover to ride horses, Yeehaw!

4. Season Passes at Roaring Springs - Get that pass! Season passes are $139.99 and that would get you two even after taxes (maybe). You will have plenty of time to splash while on unemployment. Well, in between interviews right?

Chad Case
Chad Case

5. Buy two bottles of Dom Perignon - You need to celebrate in style because you'll be back to work in no time. Those bottles are under $200 each. That leaves you with $100 for some nice Doordash love.

Good luck!

What Is The Unemployment $300 Bonus?

The pandemic closed down restaurants and businesses across Idaho as we masked up and staying inside. Unemployment rates went up and so did the benefits. The government also offered some benefits and a special $300 bonus. The White House left this additional funding up to the states and Idaho decided to pull this from Idahoans on June 19, 2021.

Respond to Job Referrals or Lose Benefits.

Part of being unemployed is looking for a job. I was in the United States Navy and that is what they taught us on the way out. Apply for benefits while looking for your next move, but you must look for jobs by submitting to the State.

"We're going to make it clear that anyone collecting unemployment who is offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits," says President Biden. The Department of Labor reaffirmed that if you turn down a suitable job, you can be denied unemployment benefits and you must be able, ready, and willing to accept a suitable job.

I'm not sure what is considered suitable, but if you're on unemployment, follow the rules. The crackdown is here. The $300 bonus on your unemployment ends this weekend and you have to respond to referral opportunities.

Looking for a job? The Grove Hotel hosting a major Job Fair that includes full-time positions.


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