No Home for Hat Hooks

The old saying goes, "home is where you hang your hat." True enough, great grand-boomers. But the price of Boise homes these days can make finding a hat hook a real pain in the wallet.
That's where the Boise mobile home community steps in! As the housing market prices have climbed, the idea of mobile home living has evolved. Idahoans from every generation and demographic are seeing mobile homes in a new, inspired light.

Less Mortgage, Less Problems

From a financial perspective, mobile homes/trailers are much more affordable than brick-and-mortar homes. Those of us who have suffered through the experience of renting, AND SHARING, a $3K studio apartment with no storage are digging the idea of an $800/month mortgage.
Peace out, roommie! We're off to greener pastures in a Garden City mobile home community.

DIY Diamonds in the Rough

Aesthetically speaking, the dawning of the DIY era makes flipping a diamond in the rough way more doable than in decades past. Let the power of fresh paint, updated flooring, and Target décor compel your Joanna Gaines heart, darling.

To Hell with Mobile Home Haters

Boise mobile home residents--heck, mobile residents across America--have gotten a rotten shake-down for ages! No community, regardless of how affluent it is, is free of shady characters. Rise above the stereotypes and ignore the haters, friend.

Won't You Be My Mobile Home Neighbor?

Howdy, neighbor! Need a cup of sugar? How about an egg or two? Maybe you just appreciate knowing your neighbor keeps an eye on things while you're away. Cool. We're all about the neighborly love, and so are the majority of Idaho's mobile home residents.
Contrary to obnoxious stereotypes we're rising above, mobile home residents are every bit as kind, courteous, and cool as ones who dwell in fancy-schmancy Treasure Valley communities. In terms of community engagement, it's quite common to find a mobile home with involved Homeowners Associations.
Bonus: we know of multiple Boise-area mobile home communities with clubhouses, rec centers, and swimming pools!

Mobile Dream Home For Sale in Garden City

If you're in search of a terrific, affordable mobile home in the Boise area, we found a GEM in Garden City with a listing price that's unbelievably low!
Scroll on for a gallery of pics that make the case for joining the Boise mobile home movement!

$29K Mobile Home Listing in Garden City Is Way Nicer Than You'd Expect [gallery]

As the housing market prices have climbed, Idahoans from every generation and demographic are seeing mobile homes in a new, inspired light!

If you're in search of a terrific, affordable mobile home in the Boise area, you've come to the right place, friend. Scroll on to check out the mobile home GEM we found hiding in Idaho's Garden City!

$1.9M Boise Bench Home For Sale Is the Epitome of the '90s [50 pics]

The final decade of the last Millennium has people reminiscing and partying like it's 1999

From music and movies, to fashion and pop culture, 2022 is rife with hella cool '90s nostalgia with no signs of stopping. Its latest conquest is the 2022 housing market and home design! Droves of prospective homebuyers in Idaho and around the country are searching for the back-to-the-basics vibe of '90s home design.

This is why it comes as no surprise that this '90s Boise Bench home listing stole our hearts. Scroll through our gallery of pics for a trip down memory lane. Could this '90s house become your next Boise home?

PS, We probably had a little too much fun with the captions, but whateverrr!

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