If you search the internet, there is no shortage of self-deprecating gifts for Idahoans. 

We can only assume that it's because somehow the Gem State and even Boise itself has become the punch line of so many jokes. No one knows where Idaho is on a map and people just assume we're Iowa. That inspired one of our former co-workers to make this shirt to capture the true essence of what people think our state looks like.

There's a dishtowel that proudly displays the most played-out joke people tell about our state and a NSFW coffee mug that touches upon the insane amount of growth that our state has experienced over the last couple of years.

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Those are worth a chuckle, but they're nowhere near as funny as these stickers dreamt up by Kelly and Heidi, the brother-sister duo behind Boise OG. They briefly lived in Pocatello in the late '80s before moving to Boise. Over the last three decades, they've watched how Boise's grown and changed. They remember the "good old days" when you went to Wild Waters, not Roaring Springs and when Camel's Back Park had a playground of questionably safe for children slides.

The duo came up with the idea to preserve those memories, often with a sarcastic twist, in the form of stickers, hats, hoodies, and other accessories that are an absolute riot!

Before we show you the 15 that had us rolling on the floor laughing, we want to mention how cool it was of Boise OG to design a special sticker in memory of Boise State's tee-dog, Kohl, who passed away before the season started. During the month of September, they donated $1 from each Cowboy Kohl sticker sold to a non-profit fighting K9 cancer that was chosen by Kohl's family.

Ok, that's enough of the sad stuff. We're going to cry thinking about it so on to the laughs!

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