Keeping the Bloodlines Close

If we've gleaned anything from Don Corleone, you never side against the family. Grandma's cannoli recipe, the code to the safe, and mob hit request are three things you just don't share with outsiders.

But even the Don had his limits with respect to what constituted a family affair. This is where the Corleone family and Idaho part ways.

When it comes to keeping it in the family, the Gem State is somethin' else. Apparently, certain cousins are closer than others in these parts. Like, a lot closer. We're talking about the kind of closeness typically observed between a husband and wife.

If we haven't spelled it out enough for you, we're talking about cousins who knock boots, do the dirty, and make 23 and Me's job pretty darn easy. How so? Simple. In Idaho, second cousins are legally allowed to get married.

Cousin Crushes Explained

Feel guilty for having a crush on your cousin? You might find comfort in knowing you're not the first, nor are you the last to have a thing for your aunt or uncle's kid.

The phenomenon is called genetic sexual attraction (GSA), and some researchers believe it's related to what's called imprinting, or a child's normal response to the face of the parent or caretaker of the opposite sex.

—Aina Hunter, ABC News

And if you think that's bizarre, we've got another gem for you. Idaho is far from singular in its approval of second cousins getting hitched to one another. More than 20 U.S. states allow second cousins to enter into twisted bliss.

12 More Things You Think Are Illegal In Idaho But Aren't

It only gets weirder from there, friend. Listed below are 12 more bizarre practices, actions, and lifestyle choices most wouldn't assume the Gem State approves of.

  1. Burying a deceased human in your yard
  2. Corporal punishment by parents and teachers
  3. Getting married at 16
  4. Smoking in cars with kids
  5. Doxing
  6. Divorce your spouse without telling them
  7. Cannibalism
  8. Sex-swinging/spouse-swapping
  9. Sleeping in your car
  10. Stripping/exotic dance
  11. Guardianship and conservatorship of an adult
  12. Dropping out of high school

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