You love your pet, and you loved stuffed animals, but would you do this?  Apparently a lot of people love the idea.

The only thing that's weird about this business is that no one thought of it sooner.

There's a new toy company called Cuddle Clones that will make you a stuffed animal replica of your pet.  You send them some photos and information, and they send you back a stuffed animal that looks as similar to your pet as possible.

They do dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, pigs, horses you name it, if it's your pet they can do it.  And based on the photos I’ve seen, they're actually really accurate.

You can do it to get a stuffed version of a pet that's still alive or you can do it to get a stuffed version of a dead pet, which in my opinion is a little creepy, but still way less creepy than going to a taxidermist and having your actual pet stuffed.

You can order yours at  It starts at $199 for dogs and cats, and they've already got so many orders that people who get in now will probably have to wait until at least July to get their stuffed animals.