I'm not talking about the sandal. I'm talking undergarments. Apparently our grandmothers knew something we didn't because the thong is out and the granny panty is in!


I don't care what my grandmother says, I prefer a thong. It's all I wear. Well except as I train for the Pacific Crest Trail. I'm experimenting with these gynormous pieces of material! For active sports, I will make an exception. The other 90% of my life, it's a thong (TMI?)

I had to laugh when I saw this article in the Idaho Statesman this weekend. Did the writer hear our show this week? How weird we were debating undergarments and suddenly there is an article in the paper about it! According to the article, there is a new trend; woman want full bottom coverage. Check out the article. I'm curious if you agree. Are you wearing your undergarments for you or the for the person who is going to see them? That's why I love the thong, the answer is yes for both of those questions for me.