A doppelganger is your long lost twin; the person somewhere out in the world that looks just like you. There's a social media challenge to make sure you two meet.

Getty Images. This is Corey Haim. Not Mike Kasper.

Corey Haim is Mike's doppelganger. So is Ricky Skaggs and Brian Bosworth. Corbin Maxey is a young Mike Kasper doppelganger. I like to lie to myself and say that Sandra Bullock is my doppelganger. In my dreams!

Three friends have started a social media challenge to encourage people around the world to find their doppelganger.

The contest began on March 30 and they started receiving submissions from potential matches all over the world. A YouTube video posted Tuesday, has already gained a widespread following. Their Facebook page has nearly 9,000 likes as of yesterday. You can search their album for your own look-a-like. Who knows, your twin stranger might live right here in the Treasure Valley!