This is kind of a cute picture, and would work mighty fine as a profile pic on dating sites.  Don't you think ladies?

I don't mind a bit when guys post workout photos as the first profile pic we see on the dating sites.  I know they're going to be active and fit, and they might even drink one of my spinach-kale-romaine-pear-apple-strawberry-lemon green smoothies with me.  Okay, maybe that's too much to expect. But I do love a good bicep and I want them to show it.

What profile pics drive you absolutely nuts?  I've got a list!  Please add to it.

Pics of several people.  How can we tell which of those four dudes is you?  You're probably the least attractive guy.  We've learned these things and you're not fooling us.

Pics of a car.  We don't care that you like to rub your Camaro until it's nice and shiny. That means nothing to us.  Do you have good teeth?  Please show your face.

Pics of dead animals.  We're sure you're a great hunter, but we'd rather see your face than a poor helpless deer with the life sucked out of it.  Stings of dead fish aren't really doing it for us either.  Are you good at cooking them?  Post a pic of a candlelight dinner and you'll have us at hello, as long as you include a sideways wink.  ;-)

Pics of mountains.  They're gorgeous!  Take us there someday on a vacation.  But mountains as a profile pic just make us think you're hiding a really enormous beer belly.

Can you tell that my online dating challenges continue?  I'm getting close to finding the one.  I know it!  Until then, I'll keep sifting through the muscle car and frat party pics, hoping to find a weight lifter with good teeth and a nice smile.

Let's chat it up on Facebook.  Let me know which profile pics you're not a fan of.  And good luck in your dating quests!