Have you ever gotten actual chills or goosebumps from listening to a song?  Well, one psychologist says there is an actual reason this happens.

The psychologist named Psyche Loui, who's an assistant professor at Connecticut's Wesleyan University, says, quote, "The aesthetic experience can be so intense that you can't do anything else."

It’s so funny because my wife and I were just talking about this recently when one of our kids said that the new song from Adam Lambert gave him goosebumps every time he heard it.

If you’ve never had it happen to you, maybe we can help. The BBC put together a playlist of the songs that seemed to have that effect on lab subjects, and it includes Rachmaninoff, Adele's "Someone Like You", Rufus Wainwright, J.S. Bach, Celine Dion, Oasis' "Wonderwall", and an Australian chamber vocal ensemble.


Try it out for yourself, here is a montage of all the songs listed above.  It will probably work best if you listen with headphones on  to block out all other distractions and have the best listening experience.  Post back and tell us if it worked for you