I'm a beer drinker. And I'm an active beer drinker. By that, I mean that with my active lifestyle, most of it can be followed up with a beer. Here are my top 10 favorite beer activities.

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I'm not the type of beer drinker who likes to sit around on the couch all day and drink beer. Don't get me wrong, that can be done, but I would much rather be an active beer drinker. I love to go out and play and then follow it up with a cold, frothy beer. It's the best reward for my hard work!  You can't do this with just any alcohol. It has to be beer. Getting all sweaty and then having a gin and tonic just isn't the same. Ice cold beer!

My Top 10 Beer Drinking Activities
10. Working out (don't tell my trainer but it always sounds so good when I'm done)
9. Hiking
8. Fishing
7. Snowshoeing
6. Mtn Biking
5. Skiing
4. Rafting
3. Golf
2. Camping
1. Life in general

Hopefully I will see you Saturday at America On Tap! We can enjoy a cold beer after a long week!