This is the fifth year of the Boise Music Festival so I have lots of memories. But a few really stick out for me. Click here to see my list and add to it.

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To date, I think meeting Vanilla Ice is my greatest Boise Music Festival Memory. I had the biggest crush on him! My sister and I would secretly watch his movie, Cool As Ice, all the time. And I know every word to Ice Ice Baby!

Also on my list of top Boise Music Festival memories would be introducing Bret Michaels, watching my girl friends dance on stage with MC Hammer, singing My Red High Heels with Kelli Pickler and meeting the Idaho Lottery Powerball (Yes, that is on my list. I have a weird crush/stalking thing for the Idaho Lottery Powerball)

I can promise you tomorrow I will have a new Boise Music Festival memory, Baby Got Back with Sir Mix A Lot and Train performing as the sun goes down! Can't wait!

What is your favorite Boise Music Festival memory? (No haters allowed. I love this event! If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Keep scrolling)