Last week, we talked about a recent list that came out online about "Things men wish all women knew."  Now it's time to turn the tables and see what women wish all men knew.  Check out below to see some highlights from the article and click on the link to read the whole article about the top 25 things "Women wish Men all knew" from  Also we want you ladies to help us guys out, what do you wish we knew about you?



Here are a few highlights from the article about what women wish all men knew:

 Confidence is hot, arrogance is NOT.

Every girl loves a man who’s comfortable in his own skin. It makes us feel safe and protected and nothing feels sexier than that. But arrogance? We. Can’t. Stand. It.

Chivalry is not dead.

Be old fashioned from time to time - we freaking love it. Pay on the first date, hold the door for us and walk us to the front door. Promise, we won’t call you stage-five clinger.

Listen and take interest.

After a hectic day we want our significant other to listen. Women like to talk and pour their feelings out ,  So please turn off ESPN and just listen, be sympathetic, and don't try and fix anything...just listen and be supportive as we unload

8. Make us a priority.

Women need to feel like they’re more important than an Xbox. Of course men need to spend time with their friends and have some down time, but 3rd place isn’t cool. If your girl doesn't feel like she’s a priority then you're doing something very wrong buddy.

Take it slow (in bed).

It can’t get any worse than a man finishing before we've even started. Women take longer to reach Oklahoma, so  take your time, think about baseball or whatever it takes, just don’t rush it.

 Toilet humor.

While poo talk is funny around your buddies, we don't so much appreciate it.  Sending us a picture of what you ate for dinner yesterday is not our idea of funny.

Do not forget our anniversary or birthday.

There’s 365 days in a year and you only have to remember 2 of them, that’s why we get pissed off. Set a reminder on your phone, write it in your planner or tell your mom if you have to (just don't tell us you did), but whatever you do, do NOT forget.