Before I became a mom, I bought purses based on how cute they were. It wasn’t about practicality or the price, but about the “look”.

Now, as a mom of two I carry bags and purses based on three simple rules.

  1. Is it large enough?
  2. Is it durable?
  3. Does it go with everything? (so I don’t have to switch purses on a regular basis)

My youngest is turning one next month, so I feel like I carry less for him than I used to when he was younger. I just take the necessities, diapers and wipes, snacks, and a sippy cup. I grew tired of carrying a diaper bag AND my purse, so I found a cute backpack on Etsy that I could easily throw in the car or bottom of the stroller. In theory, this was going to help me be able to carry a real, adult purse again! Well, that didn’t last long.

We met some old friends for dinner tonight that we haven’t seen in years. They just recently celebrated their one year anniversary and don’t have children yet. About halfway through the meal, they asked for a recommendation for some work on their new home. I opened my purse to get my wallet for a business card from a local business to share with them. Of course my wallet was at the bottom of everything I found next. Am I the only mom that feels like I could totally win if I were on “Let’s Make a Deal”? Other than the typical wallet, phone, feminine products, lip gloss/chap stick, diaper and wipes, here is a list of what else I found in my purse:

  • A plastic ball – like the kind you find in a ball pit.
  • Baby Socks – a pair that don’t even match.
  • Ketchup – from a fast food restaurant that I haven’t gone to in probably 2 months.
  • Spoon – This wouldn’t be weird if it were a baby spoon…but it’s not.
  • Salt & Pepper shaker – from Halloween….I have no words.
Credit: Nicole Hanks/Townsquare Media Boise

What weird things do you have in your mom purse?