The final episode of Sex and the City aired 10 years ago this past weekend. It seems just like last Sunday that I would anxiously await the week's episode. The good news is, the lessons I learned still stand true to this day.

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As a single woman in her 30's, there is something very comforting about any episode of Sex and the City. It feels like every heart break I have experienced, either Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda went through that same situation. I was never alone. And thanks to HBOGo, I am still never alone. When it feels like the dating scene is just beating me down, I just have to turn on an episode and 30 minutes later I am feeling better.

Yes, I am fully aware that these characters don't actually exist, but take it from me, their dating fiascoes do! He didn't break up with me on a post-it like Burger did to Carrie. Instead he saved the post-it and wrote it on my bathroom mirror. I once had a guy's dad tell me that my relationship with his son reminded him of Big and Carrie. First off, I couldn't believe a guy in his 70's watched Sex and the City. Second, I can guarantee with 100% certainty that I will not be taking his son back, not even if he flies to Paris to get me.

I think that's why this show is so popular with women. It's not about dating in New York City. These things can happen just as easily in small town Idaho. E Online came up with a great article about the 10 best lessons we learned from the show and they couldn't be more right! My favorite has to be #2 or maybe #4...