Zoo Boise

Zoo Boise Breaks Ground on a New Exhibit
Zoo Boise's newest exhibit will be modeled after a world famous park reserve in Africa, and it will expand the zoo's footprint by about an acre and a half. This could be the zoo's biggest and most ambitious expansion project yet.
Another Notch On The Best Of Lists for Boise
The secret is out. Gone are the days of holding on to the fact that Boise and Idaho is a "hidden gem" that we can only hope people don't find out about. People are finding out how great it is to live in the City of Trees.
Boise Bill Did Not See His Shadow, Early Spring for Us?
Punxsutawney Phil has predicted six more weeks of winter. But, what's in store for us here in Boise??
Boise Bill (The prairie dog weather prognosticator) at Zoo Boise says early spring! I'm going with him, even though he's a stuffed animal. pic...
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