6 Ways to Sneak in Exercise at Work
Exercise takes time, and it's not always practical to take a chunk out of the work day to hit the gym, right?
My boyfriend takes regular trips to the conference room to do planks, and he's found other ways to burn a calorie around his office too.  There is so much to learn from th…
Boise Businesses Are Among the Best Places to Work
The Treasure Valley has several businesses that are among the best places to work in the US, with environments where people aren't just punching time clocks.
People with jobs at these places love going in to work every day and want to contribute, and that creates an atmosphere that wor…
Mike and Nicole’s OPP: To Tell or Not To Tell?
Dear Mike and Nicole,
2 years ago, I worked as an exotic dancer. While there, I had several men, who paid me very well for befriending them. I no longer work there and have since moved on to a great career. I have started seeing a guy that I really like...
You Could Be In For a BIG Raise With New Law Starting December 1
A big change in how companies nationwide pay their employees could mean a big raise for some here in Idaho.
It sounds like good news for employees, but not so much for businesses owners.
Right now, anyone making less than $23,660 must be hourly and get paid time and a half for working more than 40 hou…
Mike and Nicole’s OPP: Conflicted in Caldwell
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I always listen to your OPP on Tuesday mornings and hear you give such great advice, I never thought I would be writing you for my own, but here it goes.
I started a new job, my dream job, in July. One of my good friends has been there for two years and hooked me up with an inter…

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