Pair the Right Halloween Candy with Your Favorite Adult Beverage
For those of us a little too old to be enjoying trick or treating, check out this AWESOME guide that One Hope Wine put together to help you pair your favorite adult beverage with a sweet treat!
I followed the guide myself and it says I should enjoy my California Sparkling Brut with a Kit Kat...
Drink Helium Wine
I love wine, but infusing it with helium sounds like a really bad idea. At the same time, it's hilarious to watch these wine girls drink the concoction!
Wine in Idaho is Big Business
Have you ever toured a winery? It's fascinating, right?
It's a long process, but somehow in the end we're able to drink fruit. And the wine industry is growing like crazy in Idaho.
Your Signature Drink Says Something About You
Tis the season that many of us have a drink as part of the celebration.  Do you always have a different drink, or is there one favorite drink that you always fall back on?  That may reveal something about your personality.

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