These Stores Have the Cheapest Halloween Candy
Ten bucks on a few bags of Halloween candy? Scary. The next thing we know we've spent fifty bucks or more planning for trick-or-treaters, and let's be honest, because we want to hold back a stash for ourselves. It happens.
Walmart Will Match Donations by Double up to $10 Million
This is amazing!
Walmart just announced that they will match donations to the American Red Cross to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Not only are they matching donations, they are doubling the match up to $10 million!!
So, if you donate $25, Walmart will double that and donate an additional $5…
Three Teens in Custody After Attempted Robbery at Walmart
Three teenagers are in custody after an attempted robbery and burglary at Walmart on Fairview Avenue in Meridian yesterday morning.
Meridian Police say it happened just after 3 a.m.
A 59-year-old victim told officers she was sitting in her car in the store parking lot when two men came up to her car w…
Walmart is Giving Away Free Cupcakes This Weekend
What better way to adjust to Daylight Savings time, than with a good sugar rush.
After we lose an hour of sleep on Sunday morning, the buzz from a free cupcake with buttercream icing will perk us right up, and here's what you have to do to get it.
Groceries in Boise are About to Get Cheaper
If your grocery bill is at least a hundred bucks every time you go to the store, soon you might be able to a whole lot more stuff with it. Two big grocery retailers in the Treasure Valley are slashing prices and that means good things for our tortilla chip and granola addictions.
If You Receive a Check From Walmart Do Not Cash it!
I hate people who try to scam other people out of their money.  They prey on the people who can afford to lose their money the least, people living on fixed incomes like senior citizens and people who are out of a job. This scam works because it makes you think that Walmart is giving you a litt…
Mix 106 with the Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan
Kate McGwire was out with Santa at the Walmart on Cleveland Blvd in Caldwell taking and giving away free photos! With the Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan going to Walmarts and many locations around the US, click here to see if it will come to a store near you...

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