Dutch Bros Baristas Offer Support to Widow
Barbara Danner via FacebookI love stories of people helping people. This story comes out of, not only the city I used to live in, but the exact coffee shop that I used to frequent. A woman snapped this picture while waiting in line at the Dutch Bros in Vancouver, Washington...
A Nampa Guy Carves Art Into His Back Hair
Ladies, if you like a clean-shaven guy, there's a chance you'll be grossed out by this.
A man in Nampa is making the most of his back hair by shaving art into it, and you can actually buy his creations and have your very own back hair memento.  Here's how.
Why Are Cats So Afraid of Cucumbers?
The internet loves funny cats, and the newest viral trend for the past month or so has been the fear of the cucumber.  Why do cucumbers make cats want to jump out of their skin?
Watch This Woman Give Birth to a 10-Pound Baby. In the Car.
Giving birth to a ten pound baby is an enormous accomplishment for any woman.  I gave birth to an 8-pounder and that was a bigger deal than climbing Mt. Everest.
This Houston, Texas woman gives birth to a ten pound baby.  Sitting upright.  In the car.  With her own hands!  Sh…

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