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Saltine Cracker Challenge [ VIDEO ]
Another Viral Video Challenge, and the Mix Morning Show had to try it out. Some things, just can't be unheard. Watch the video and see how a tooth was chipped on saltine crackers.
I Fell For This Viral Magic Trick Hard [VIDEO]
I'm usually pretty good about the latest viral video sensations here on The Mix Morning Show. We've done the Blowing Cups Challenge, Chicken Scream, and a few more but this one got me. Like I didn't even see this one coming.
Why They Got Married At Costco
There are many great things about Costco.  Everything you could EVER need all in bulk.  I mean who doesn't need 75 frozen enchiladas or 220 roles of toilet paper all at the same time.  They even serve pretty decent food at great prices.