Local Restaurant Owner Accused of Being Racist
Social media went craaazy with comments from people all over the country when the General Manager of the local restaurant, Pizzalchik, posted a video on its Facebook that people are claiming to be tasteless, ignorant, and racist.
Drone Footage Of Gorgeous McCall
I love seeing drone footage of our beautiful state!
Mix 106 listener, Bill Alicea, took this video while in McCall over 4th July weekend.
It doesn't get much better than this! Blue skies and gorgeous water!
Could The Trend Happen Here In Boise?
There are two things that immediately came to mind when I saw this video. Way to go NFL I love the idea, Superbowl Babies Hilarious and two, SEAL..I love Seal! Then I really started thinking could this trend of babies being born in cities that had teams in the "Big Game" happen her…
Creepiest Thing Ever?
Game shows have had "unique" hosts for a long time.  Truly, I've always been thought Richard Dawson kissing adult contestants on Family Feud was gross.  This beats that.
The Follow Up to OPP
After today's OPP about hoarding, I had an urge to clean! The studio looks clean because everything is shoved into my desk. Watch as I purge the junk!

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