Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Unconscious In Bathtub
TMZ has reported that Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in the bathtub. This story is eerily similar to her mother, Whitney's story. As of this post, Bobbi was reportedly revived and then placed into a medically induced coma.
Meet Your Invisible Boyfriend…or Girlfriend
As Valentine's Day approaches, single people are reminded of just how single they are. It seems that everyone has a significant other. Don't just jump into a relationship because you want to be in one or tell mom and dad you have someone - date someone invisible!
Your NFL Team = Your New Year’s Resolution
You may have your New Year's Resolution all set but it's looking like you might need to add one more. It's based on your favorite NFL team. It may even match your personality. Who is your team? See the list:
New “Normal Barbie” Comes With Pimples And Cellulite
The real Barbie would NOT be happy about this. An artist received so much attention for his normal-looking Barbie-like doll that he has now put it into production with 19,000 pre-sales. The doll has the measurements of an "average" 19-year-old and includes freckles, pimples, cellulite and …

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