Stephanie Kay

Will.I.Am Is Ew
I know I've said it before but Ew is my favorite skit of Jimmy Fallons. & Jimmy Falllon may have made the best Ew so far!
BBC Artist Mash Up
There are exactly twenty-seven singers talented performers that have collaborated to sing God Only Knows for BBC Music . Just a few are Pharrel, Lorde, Elton John, Sam Smith & many more.
Road Closures For FitOne
If you're planning on joining us downtown for FitOne or have to be somewhere this morning. It's important to know which roads are closed for the  FitOne  5K, 10K & Half Marathon. That way you're not late for you're wave, work or breakfast with the family. Plan y…
Jimmy Fallon As A Girl!
Jimmy Fallon as Sara (no H cause H's are ew) is definitely my favorite skit he does with celebrities. And the new one with Taylor Swift is gold!

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