Starbucks is Adding A New Buzz Drink
Coffee drinkers unite.
Starbucks is adding a new drink that will not only give us a huge caffeine buzz, but it might also cool us off when the heat gets cranked up this summer.
Oh, and does that secret menu really exist?
Has the Pumpkin Spice Craze Gone Too Far?
Are you all in on the pumpkin spice craze? Or are you completely over the saturated market of pumpkin spice?
Trader Joe's, for example, has some 70 pumpkin spice products on its shelves this year, from beer and tortilla chips to dish soap and dog food...
Too Far or Just a Cookie
As if Starbucks wanted more bad press this Christmas Season, it seems like they may be stirring up more controversy. A new "Polar Bear Cookie" with a red scarf around his neck is getting people upset that it is too much. Some claim that conveniently placed frosting looks like …

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