Snow Day

School Closures And Delays In The Treasure Valley
While the snow coming down yesterday might have made you think of having a "White Christmas" the conditions to get the kiddo's to school may prove to be a little tricky this morning. Here is a list of the School Closure's and Delays around the Treasure Valley.
Awesome Snow Day School Message
I love how school administrators have come up with some pretty creative ways to make school announcements, like this one for a school that was closed for the recent blizzard on the East Coast.
This Is How I Would Want To Find Out School Is Canceled
My teachers were never this creative when it came to school getting canceled.  A few weeks ago a principal in Cincinnati announced a school day by singing a snow themed version of "Bohemian Rhapsody"  Last week during the biggest storm to hit the southern part of the U.S. in the last centu…
I Had To Play In The Snow
So everyone at some point through the winter has the urge to play in the snow & have a fun snow shenanigans. And mine happened Thursday night at about 1am.