Seahawks’ Value Is On The Rise
Russell Wilson has had a great off season, marrying Ciara and all, but soon it will be time to get back to work. He works for a football team with a value in the top half of the NFL, and may have helped the star rise over the past few years.
Seahawks Have One of the NFL’s Top 5 Stadiums
The 12th Man was deafening again on Sunday at Centurylink Stadium in Seattle. (Just ask our own Jeff Connell.  He was there!)
USA Today says the Seahawks are doing something right, and have one of the best stadiums in the NFL. See if you agree with the #1 choice.
Forbes Puts A Northwest City On It’s ‘Cool’ List
What makes a city "cool" anyway?  I'm good if it has a quaint coffee shop, a nail salon, and a good place to get grilled salmon and couscous.  Boise is cool like that.
Forbes is out with its list of the 10 Coolest Cities in the US, and one of our favorite metro areas …
Goooooo Seattle Seahawks – Mike and Kate’s NFL Bet
After week #12 in the NFL, I am happy to say my beloved Seahawk's, 11-1,  remain 1 game up on Kate's Debacle Broncos....(umm, I meant to say Denver) at 10-2.  I would be way more happy if Denver could see it's way to lose another game so I'd be more comfortable, because I don't relish wearing a Bron…