Seattle Seahawks

Mike, You Win
Mike and I make a bet every year on how well the Seattle Seahawks will do versus the Denver  Broncos. I've lost the last two years. This year I almost skipped out on paying off my bet. But then a few listeners opened my eyes.
MIX 106 at Seahawks 12 Fest
Boise's 12th Man was out in full force Saturday at Dona Larsen Park. The Seattle Seahawks rolled into town Friday to pump up their Idaho fans for the upcoming season. The Seahawks are known for praising their fans, being the only NFL franchise with a number retired in honor of their fan base...
Seattle Seahawks Visiting Boise This Weekend (7/17 & 18)
It doesn't happen very often, but an NFL team is visiting Boise.  Not just any team, but the team with the most wins over the past 3 years, the Seattle Seahawks are visiting with players, coaches, cheerleaders, and their mascot. Mix 106 is your official "12 Fan station.
Why Should We Care About Dancing With The Stars?
Following the announcement of the new Dancing With The Stars "stars", many of us were like... "who?" Now that we've had a few days for it to sink it, some nuggets of information are popping up making this season a bit more interesting than originally thought.…

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