Previously Closed Areas of the Greenbelt are Now Open
It seems like it’s been a looooong wait, but the 11 miles of previously blocked areas of Boise's Greenbelt are now open!! With all the flooding concerns over the last few months, the warmer weather and holiday season feels like the perfect time for this to happen
Boise Man Hiking with Dog Comes Across Mountain Lion
It's that time of year again, people are going to be out and about, using the hiking trails a lot more.
Over the weekend, KTVB got a phone call from a man who says he was hiking with his dog in the Bogus Basin Road area when he came across a mountain lion...
Is This An Unsafe Boise Office?
This picture showcases what I see as a problem in our office.  It seems to continually happen.  Someone uses the paper cutter and leaves the arm with the blade up.
Local Crews Train for Ice Rescue at Eagle Island State Park
With all of the snow we've been getting over the last couple of weeks, it might be tempting to go out on what looks like frozen ponds or lakes, but it's soooo dangerous not just for you, but for the safety crews called out for rescues.
Yesterday, crews from Meridian, Eagle, and Star fire departments,…

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