Presidents' Day

Strange Presidential Coincidences
Presidents day is Monday the 17th.  Kate and I have the day off, but you can still hear the "Best of Mike and Kate" to keep you entertained. In the meantime did you know there are some strange coincidences between two of our most popular presidents?
Idaho Among the First to Celebrate President’s Day
Idaho was a President's Day trendsetter. We were one of a handful of states who decided to call it President's Day.
According to Lauren Himiak of, the holiday we now know as President's Day was originally two days in February to honor President Washington and President Lincoln&…
Freaky Coincidences Between Lincoln and Kennedy
With Presidents' Day upon us, I thought I would share this particular exchange on the Mix Morning show from a few years ago. Maybe you didn't get a chance to hear it, but trust me, these crazy, but true coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy are absolutely freaky.