5 Things to Consider When Picking a New Grill
With that big football party coming up on Sunday and the weather warming up, maybe you're thinking about shaking off winter with a little grilling. But do you know exactly what you're shopping for in a new grill? If you need a little clarity on BTUs and cast iron grates, this will help.
Everything You Need to Know About the Idaho Potato Drop
Not every state drops something at 11:59pm on New Year's Eve, and it's probably because they don't have something as interesting as our potato to throw down. So let's get out there Sunday and appreciate our giant spud! Check out the details here on the Idaho Potato Drop.
Support Our Stray Animals By Parting Tonight
The Idaho Humane Society's 27th Annual Lawn Party is tonight at 6 p.m.
It's an outdoor bash to celebrate victories of the past year and benefit animals in need.
The actually location of the event will be at a private residence on Crescent Rim Drive, but the exact address will only go out to …

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