JD Tries Cupping Like An Olympic Athlete
We had Heather Bergstrom from Vitality Acupuncture in Meridian in the studio today to do Cupping on JD. If you watched any of the summer Olympics, you have probably seen some of the athletes, like Michael Phelps, with big, round, red or purple circles on their bodies...
Boise Olympian May Carry US Flag In Opening Ceremony
The Summer Olympics kick off in just one week with 9 competitors from the Treasure Valley.  NBC announced the front-runners to carry the United States flag for the opening ceremony.
Boise's own Kristin Armstrong is on that list! How cool would that be to see her front and center waving that…
Nampa Paralympian Raises Funds For Trip To Rio
A Nampa woman is headed to the Paralympics in Rio at the end of July.
Samantha Tucker is a member of the U.S. Paralympic Archery Team and a United States Air Force veteran. In 2010, she lost her arm in a motorcycle accident.
She met a Paralympian gold medalist who introduced her to archery...
Boise Kids Get to Meet an Olympic Athlete
Kristin Armstrong was back in town Saturday night for the 30th annual Twilight Criterium, and the kids that turned out to meet her will also be seeing her on TV next month competing in the Olympic games.
Football, baseball, basketball, and soccer seem to be the biggest, most popular sports i the US, …

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