Idaho to Get a New Pro Team in Boise in 2018
If you remember last year, I told you in a blog about how popular the Harry Potter fake sport of Quidditch had become at BSU. It's about to get even more popular because it looks like Boise will be getting a professional Quidditch team soon.
Boise State Connects Students Through Career Fairs
After all of those late nights and long essays as a student, it's great if that hard work turns into a job. Is any school better at connecting students with employers than Boise State? Students have the chance to check out several job fairs this fall to network and meet hiring managers, and w…
EARTHQUAKE! Drop Cover and Hold On
Idaho is a big earthquake area, as a matter of fact we've had more than 25 earthquakes in southern Idaho just in the past few months...with a 3.2 temblor in Soda Srings just last week.  Believe it or not Idaho is one of the top earthquake states in the Nation and Thursday, 10/20 you can ta…
Are These the Most Breathtaking Views in Idaho?
With over  5 million acres of wilderness, and countless mountain peaks and rivers, Idaho has a lot of beauty to offer. Some of those views aren't very hard to get to either...some you can drive to and enjoy without ever getting out of your car. How many of these have you seen?

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