There’s a Plan in Place to Fix Up McCall’s Shoreline
The next time you hang out on the shoreline in McCall, it may look a little different.

There's a new plan in place to clean up the part of the shoreline that's been littered by old docks and decaying wood, and the goal is to incorporate our ideas into that bigger plan. So let McCall know…
McCall’s Growler’s Pizza Grill is Coming to Boise
Growler’s Pizza Grill, started in McCall four years ago. So many people love their pub-style menu and atmosphere.
And now they are bringing their pizza, beer, and burgers to Boise! I'm super excited to give it a try after hearing so many great things about it...
Snowmobiler Buried by Avalanche in McCall
Two Bear Air Rescue helped save a man buried under an avalanche in McCall.
He was at the top of a ridge with other snowmobilers when a chunk of hardened snow broke off and he tumbled down the slope.
A Life Flight helicopter out of Boise searched the area and found him but they couldn’t…

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