Beware of TOXIC Halloween Makeup as You Dress Up This Year
There’s a warning out about makeup and face-paint you or your child might wear this Halloween.
There’s an environmental group that ran tests showing heavy metals.
A recent study done by the Breast Cancer Fund analyzed different Halloween makeup kits marketed to kids fro…
What Age is Too Young to Wear Makeup to School
My friend and I were talking on the phone last night and she was telling me about her daughter starting school. She said that it takes her an extra 15 minutes to get ready for school now because she has to do her makeup. She is NINE years old...
Makeup Hides The Flaws! Is That A Good Thing?
Yay for these girls who post photos with no makeup!  This is Bethenny Frankel and Carmen Electra, who both went without makeup for a show.
I took a selfie with no makeup earlier today and thought about posting the before and after, but I totally wimped out!  In my defense, blonds have a harder time g…