Boise Film Festival is Back Starting Tomorrow
Lights, Camera, Action! Boise is gearing up for another film festival, and for this one, its third times a charm. The Boise Film Festival is back tomorrow 9/21 through the weekend.
Build Your Own Old School Game at Jump This Week
Remember the days of Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64? Oh heck yeah and even the old Atari games? If you love the throwback games and have always wanted to learn how to maybe build one of your own, then this event at JUMP is for you!
Free French Fries Coming to JUMP in Downtown Boise
Call it what you want. There are so many people when asked what's the first thing they think about when you tell them you live in Idaho...its potatoes. RIGHT? Yup, so why not embrace it like only we know how. Celebrate our state's love for the potatoes this July with FREE FRENCH FRIES.
Daffodil Tea at JUMP Supports Local Young Women
A very special luncheon called Daffodil tea will take place this Thursday from 11:30 am to 1 pm at the new JUMP facility in downtown Boise. If you've never been to JUMP, it is AWESOME! They have a ton of great events and classes that anyone can take part in...
Man Jumps From 25,000 Feet Without A Parachute
I'm not even sure I could jump out of an airplane WITH a parachute on, let alone, NO parachute, wing suit, or protective gear!
A guy by the name of Luke Aikins is going to do just that tomorrow night from 25,000 feet! He's made 18,000 parachute jumps, helped train some of the world's m…