Do Your Husband’s Bathroom Habits Drive You Nuts?
Madonna said it recently in US Weekly, "I have found marriages don't last if you share bathrooms. The best thing about being single is there's no one to throw out of the bathroom when I want privacy."
Here are some tips for sharing a bathroom and keeping your sanity at the…
Two Truths & A Lie: Jen
Get to know the Mix staff a little better!  We're all going to give you two truths and a lie.  Figure out the lie and you could win some Mix music.
Black Friday Stresses Me Out
Hows the Black Friday shopping going? I love saving money, and I use coupons on almost everything.  If it's not on sale or I don't have an extra 20 percent off coupon, I don't buy it. Unless it's coffee.  Gotta have that at all costs. I've already messed up this mo…
Anyone Else Invited To The Ex’s House For Thanksgiving?
This is my second Thanksgiving as a single lady.  My ex and I ended things in the summer of 2013, and with three kids it's been important to us to get along and maintain a good relationship, and let it evolve into something new.  We're both much happier apart, an although we weren't right for each o…
A Birthday Girl Who Doesn’t Eat Cake, And Other Random Thoughts
Well here it birthday, and the reason 9 and 17 are my favorite numbers.
Birthdays are good excuses to measure progress and set new goals I think, kind of like New Year's Eve only I'm the only one who's doing it today.  Unless you're a Virgo too, and in that case you're probably making your ow…
Does The Tooth Fairy Come If You Literally Lose The Tooth?
If you have a 6-year old like I do, chances are the tooth fairy makes regular trips to your house.  Where does the he/she get all that money? The tooth fairy leaves on average, $3.70 per tooth. Sounds cheap, but these kids have more than one tooth, ya know?
Finley lost another tooth last night o…
First Day Of School Pics Dominate Facebook
I love looking at all the back-to-school pics on social media this time of year.
One of my sassy, fun (and kid-less) Facebook friends said just now, "Um...Did school start?"  Haha! What makes you say that?!
Yeah...maybe we parents are guilty of overloading Facebook with backpack…
Jen’s Ice Bucket Challenge Soaks Her 2-Year Old
Whoops!  I thought it would be a good idea to let the girls drench me and I didn't think about them potentially getting hit with the residuals.
Piper can't even watch this video again without crying.  Sorry Piper, and please take comfort in the fact that Mama got it much worse tha…

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