Boise High Class of 2017 Honors WWII Veteran
I absolutely love this! There are so many heartbreaking stories out there lately, let's talk about a heartwarming story instead!
Close to 500 Boise High School students walked across the stage last night to accept their diploma. For one courageous graduate, it’s a walk he&CloseCu…
100 Year Old Woman Gets Her High School Diploma
Oh my goodness, have you heard about this sweet story?
A high school in Portland, Oregon awarded a diploma to a 100-year-old former student who was never able to graduate. What makes this even more special is that the school is also celebrating its 100th year...
Do You Ask Mom And Dad For Money?
Congrats Boise State grads!  Now what?
A new study says half of college graduates are asking Mom and Dad for money, whether it's a little for small purchases here and there, or whether it's a lot for groceries, rent, and a car.
Life is expensive!  How much are grads earning at thei…