The Nampa Fire Department Burnout Fund BBQ
There have been an unfortunate number of apartment fires in the Treasure Valley this year. One Boise apartment complex burned and displaced several families right around Christmas, which was devastating. Those families were all helped from the local Fire Department’s “Burnout F…
Car Bursts into Flames at Boise Gas Station
A car burst into flames at a Fred Meyer gas station on Fairview Avenue near Locust Grove yesterday. Scary stuff!!

That's actually always a fear of mine when I am pumping gas. I worry if someone nearby has a cigarette that's going to spark a fire or if someone is on their cellphone, which th…
The Victims of the Donnelly House Fire Identified
A tragic house fire in Donnelly took the lives of four Friday night.
The coroner has identified the victims. Two were members of the Idaho National Guard. Lt. Col. James Harper III, 49; his 14-year-old son, James “JJ” Harper; MSgt...
Safety Precautions with Fireworks Stands in the Treasure Valley
Fireworks stands are officially open for business in the Treasure Valley!
And while they can be fun, we saw last year with the Table Rock fire, how devastating they can be if not handled responsibly.

A Roman candle was the cause of the scorched four square miles of foothills land and the reason one h…
Your Gonna Need A Permit To Burn That Soon
The summer months are right around the corner and as we all saw last year the fires outside of city limits become more of an issue. Soon though being able to just start a controlled fire will be a thing of the pass with out a permit.

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