Robert Comstock with MIX 106
MIX 106 was out at Robert Comstock at The Village with Mike Kasper today bringing you some holiday savings!  Robert Comstock is a very well know designer and is actually an Idaho native! His clothing designs are very well known and we are lucky to have his only store in the entire world...
Do Some Summer Fashions Drive You Nuts?
Summers in Boise can be gorgeous!  At least weather-wise.
What about the clothes?
Guys, can a mom wear really short shorts?  Can she get away with it?  I supposed it's a case-by-case basis depending on how well the legs complement the shorts, I know, I know.
Short shorts are a no-no according to one bl…
Perplexed About How To Tie A Scarf? Me Too!
I'll admit, I can stress out about the littlest things, but I don't think this is a little thing! Knowing how to tie a scarf and being able to wear it with confidence is huge!
I found this video on Youtube, and this gal is an expert.  Twenty-two million views...