Eagle Food & Wine Festival Returns Soon
Food, wine and a festival atmosphere. The Eagle Food & Wine Festival is back September 23rd. Time to get those drinking glasses out, and fill your bellies with amazing treats.
First Graders in Eagle Spread Kindness in Kind Kinds Club
There's no doubt that bullying is a huge issue these days. Whether it be in schools or cyber bullying, it's a topic that has gotten more and more attention in recent years.
I absolutely love the Kind Campaign and what it stands for. It's a non-profit that brings awareness to girl-on-gi…
Eagle Fire Department Rescues Horse from Frozen Pool
Eagle Firefighters along with @AdaCoSheriff and neighbors rescue lucky the horse from a pool. pic.twitter.com/RbkP624eEc
— Eagle Fire Dept (@Eaglefire_Dept) February 12, 2017
A five-year-old gelding was rescued from an icy pool in an Eagle neighborhood over the weekend...
Eagle Island Tubing and Ski Hill is Set to Open on Friday
The Eagle Island tubing and ski hill is getting some help from snow machines which are running overnight to get some snow on the ground and they are set to open on Friday.
This might surprise you too, Eagle Island may seem small, but to put it in perspective, the park has about twice as much snow mak…
Nicole’s Family Visits a Park a Day – Day 2
We took your advice and hit up the MK Nature Center and the kids really enjoyed it.
I was hoping there would be more there and I think we went at a bad time because we didn't see very many animals. I'm sure the changing weather has something to do with that too...

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