Denver Broncos

These Super Bowl Players Have Idaho Ties
The commercials, the halftime show, and the snacks!  There are so many important things to absorb during the Super Bowl.  Oh, and the game too.  Even though the Seahawks aren't playing, we can kinda feel like we're cheering for the home team.  A handful of pla…
Mike, You Win
Mike and I make a bet every year on how well the Seattle Seahawks will do versus the Denver  Broncos. I've lost the last two years. This year I almost skipped out on paying off my bet. But then a few listeners opened my eyes.
The Mike & Kate Football Bet Payoff
I'm a die hard Denver Broncos fan. Mike is a die hard Seattle Seahawks fan. Each season we make a bet on whose team is going to do better. This year we are letting you decide what the payoff will be for the loser.
This Story Breaks My Heart
Being a lifelong, die-hard, Denver Broncos fan, the story of owner, Pat Bowlen, stepping down because of a debilitating disease literally broke my heart this morning. The full story is here.

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