Today is Whiners Day, and Here’s How to Observe It
December 26th is National Whiners Day, and it's not an excuse to moan about what we didn't get for Christmas or complain about a relative that got on our nerves over the weekend. Instead, there's one simple thing we can do to observe this important day.
Boise Schools Propose to Change the School Year
The Boise School District is surveying parents on a proposal to move the beginning of school to mid-August and end the school year in May.They say to ease testing burdens and improve attendance.
District officials sent out an email to parents saying that the shift would end the first semest…
The World’s Favorite Number Is…
Are you a numbers geek?
I'm not sure that I'm a geek (about numbers anyway), but I do like it when numbers seem orderly.  I'm looking forward to Monday because it's 4-14-14.  That's just crsip and tidy and lovely!
There's a phrase that goes around my house, "Mama don't like messes!"  I think…