Boise State Offers Bike Tours Through Downtown
Not every university gives potential students the chance to explore its city like this.  Boise State is giving bike tours to help students get a feel for campus and to reinforce Boise as an active city.  And it's something fun to do in the mornings before the heat gets cranked up…
Today is National Bike to School Day
Today is the 6th annual National Bike to School Day!
Thousands of schools across the country encourage students to walk or bike to school to celebrate the benefits of being active and living a healthy lifestyle.
There are 23 schools in Idaho that are participating in today’s event...
Meridian Library Launches New Book a Bike Program
Starting next week, the Meridian Library won’t just have books and other multi-media to check out, they will also have bike rentals!
It's part of the "Book a Bike" program. The city got a grant from the Blue Cross to help fight childhood obesity and some of that…
Safety Reminders As Treasure Valley Schools Start This Week
West Ada and Nampa School Districts start back to school today. That means more foot traffic in neighborhoods and school zones, and a refresher in vehicle and pedestrian safety.
Whether your child is walking or riding their bike to school, there are things they should do make sure they stay safe...
Downtown Boise is About To Get a Lot More Crowded
Right now there are four or five thousand people who live in Downtown Boise, and 33-thousand or so are there on a daily basis for work.  Have you heard how that's going to increase in the next few years?  Holy cow!  And here's how the city plans to handle it.