How To Win The Bedtime Battle With Your Kids
I like to think that we aren't the only parents who deal with bed time struggles. Our son is almost 12 now, but we have always had the bed time battle. I feel like it hasn't gotten worse lately. Just last night, we heard the long list of reasons he couldn't go to bed...
Sleeping With Your Dog Is a Good Thing
The experts say it's a good thing to let the dog sleep in the bed with you.  But does your sig other agree?
See why this "good thing" could also be a deal breaker for relationships.
Happiest Couples Sleep An Inch Apart
Do you snuggle up with your sweetie at night, so close that you're in inch apart all night long?
Good for you!  You're among the happy couples then.  Eighty-six percent of couples that sleep really close to each other are happy in their relationships.
How in the world do you handle…