Do you steal stuff from hotels that you stay in? And I'm not talking about the soap.  If you answered yes, apparently you are not alone.

winnond, Thinkstock

A recent survey found that hotels lose up to $50,000 a year from stuff that gets stolen out of their hotel rooms.  The survey found that 68% of people sometimes take something bigger than soaps or shampoos.

Stealing hotel towels is a proud tradition that dates back to the first time the first hotel put out it's first towel. But now technology is about to ruin this time honored tradition.

A company in Miami called Linen Tracking Technology has created a tiny inexpensive chip that hotels can put in their towels, robes and other items.

More than 2000 hotels have already begun using the chips to track where their items go.

So chances are, if you are one of the 68% of people that steal things from hotels, you have a decent chance of them tracking you down by the hotel po-po and getting thrown into hotel jail.  You've been warned.

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Here is a list of the tip 5 strangest things ever stolen from a hotel.  These really take some major sized wabos.

1. A $300,000 painting

2. A 12 foot model of the Concorde airplane

3. A suit of armor.

4. A grand piano

5. The entire plumbing from a room, including shower heads, taps, the toilet and sink.