Nobody is perfect.  Kate's sister has 6 toes on each of her feet.  Even celebrities aren't perfect.  In fact, some of them have freaky body parts.  Like Ashton Kutcher.  Check out the video above to see what freaky body part he has

Here are some other examples:

Mark Wahlberg and Carrie Underwood each have a THIRD NIPPLE.  Harry Styles from One Direction has FOUR nipples.

Model Karolina Kurkova doesn't have abelly button because she had surgery for an umbilical hernia as an infant.

Megan Fox's thumbs look like BIG TOES.  They're short and have really wide nails.  It's a condition called brachydactyly.

Taye Diggs was born with six fingers on each hand.  He still has the scars where the extra digits were removed. 

Andy Garcia was born with an undeveloped conjoined twin on his shoulder.  It was about the size of a softball, and it was removed.

 Ashton Kutcher has webbed feet


What about you?  Do you have something freaky with your body…or do you know someone that has a freaky body part?


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