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Idaho is Growing Fast
There's something truly special about this state. It's beautiful, for one, with tons of hiking and outdoor activities no matter the season, but it's also full of great people and awesome opportunities.
Secret Pop-up Restaurant
The forecast is showing colder weather returning to Boise this weekend, but I'm just taking it for what it is - the perfect opportunity to grab some comfort food with friends.
Beauty Happy Hour
Recently I found out about a great deal at a local beauty bar that I just had to share with you! It's the perfect way to treat yourself without breaking the bank.
Chick-fil-A PJ Party!
My whole family loves their food, my toddler is obsessed with their indoor playground, and they always host the coolest events.
Mac and Cheese Fest
Obviously, Idaho's first Mac and Cheese Fest was a total hit and even reading about it has my mouth watering.
Mike & Nicole's OPP
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Vote for a Winner Now!
One of these three finalists will win $5,000 in services from Spa 35 in Boise to look and feel their best! Read the nomination letters and vote now!
Boise Hospital to Close
Although there has been a lot of growth in Boise in the past few years, I was recently saddened to hear that a local business will be closing its doors this winter.
Nicole's Questions & Answers
Here are the questions and answers from this week. Plus, a peek at the next question to start working on for next week.
Pee on Ikea Ad for Discount
Standard pregnancy tests are so 2017 — this year it’s all about peeing on magazine ads to find out if you have a bun in the oven.
School Closes Due to Flu
With 13 deaths, Idaho officials say this flu season is the worst they've seen in seven years.
Best Workout Songs
Not that I spend much time in the gym, but when I do, I get bored if I don't have a good TV show or playlist to distract me.
Mike & Nicole's OPP
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Amazing Locals Only Deal!
The Inn at 500 is offering locals only rate for a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night stay in celebration of their one year anniversary in Boise!
Personal Information at Risk
Two massive security flaws have been discovered that affect nearly every personal device in the world, smartphones, laptops, even servers used by big companies like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.