Last summer Mike and Kate were asked to appear in a movie that was being filmed here in the Treasure Valley, called "The  Spoilers".  17 year old Eagle resident Conner Williams starred in and directed the movie. You have a chance to see a special showing of the movie this Saturday.

The movie is at Northgate Reel in Boise at 10am.  You can purchase tickets at the box office the day of showing or keep listening to Mike and Kate to win a free pair.

This special premier is once again a fundraiser to help raise money to get the movie into future movie festivals.  It has been accepted into 5 festivals so far and has been up for numerous awards including winning the Award For Excellence at the San Fransisco Film Awards.



Mike Kasper,Townsquare Media

Terry Kiser  (Bernie, the dead guy in Weekend at Bernie's)  plays Grandpa. The movie is produced, directed and acted in by 17 year old Treasure Valley resident, Connor Williams.

Connor has made ten shorts and has appeared in18 movies, including a small part in Jared Hess’s new comedy called Don Verdean with Sam Rockwell.   He also plays the lead in The UnMiracle, co-starring Kevin Sorbo and Stephen Baldwin.   Connor directed his first film at 10 years old.
Here's a quick synopsis of the movie: Five teenagers intersect during a day of court-appointed community service. The empty summer halls of their high school are ground zero for conflict, camaraderie, and collective soul searching. At an age when discovering who you are can be difficult, and knowing who you aren’t can be deceptive.

The students: Jared was born to rebel, or was he raised to; Sara walks the fine line between womanhood and childhood; Aisha walks the fine line between foolish and fearless; Peter finds out firsthand words and actions have consequences; and Tristan, the young one, has already been branded a killer. These five lives collide, all before breakfast.

Oh and don't forget two other very important appearances, Kate appears as a mother of a student in the school and Mike is a pizza and pot delivery guy.

The film has already been accepted to three different film festivals.  This special showing is a test showing to see how audiences react to the movie and to help raise money for the fees associated with the film festivals.  It will also allow Conner to try and get them accepted into other film festivals.